The Meaning Of Human Existence: Observing Reality

Question: What is the meaning of human existence? What are our teleological potentials (i.e. what can we become)? What are our teleological imperatives (i.e. what must we become to fulfill our role in the order of reality)?

Answer: The meaning of Human existence is to find and fulfill our Human role, purpose in Nature’s vast, cosmic system.

We have to become selfless, objective observers of the system so we can scientifically, transparently research it and attain, justify its perfection.

We are born with an inherently self-centered, self-serving, subjective consciousness and perception of reality. This distances, separates us from Nature’s system. But this “outsider”, “cancer-like” opposition, gives us the opportunity to gain an independent point of view of ourselves and the system.

In the right “laboratory”, using the purposeful, practical educational method, we can gradually re-integrate into nature’s system by clothing into Nature’s “godly qualities” of selfless, unconditional love and bestowal – above and against our inherently egoistic stance.

It is this unique, acquired duality that facilitates our purpose – being separate, independent , outside of the system and merged, seamlessly integrated with it at the same time!

Against the dark backdrop of selfish, hateful egoism we can observe and justify the perfection of selfless, unconditional altruism. By this justification we justify our own existence, meriting being “Crown of Creation”!

I hope this answers all your questions.

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