Purposefully Entering The Incubator To Be Born Again…

Question: If you knew life starts over as a newborn after death, how long would you want to live before starting over?

Answer: I would like to restart right now – even without, before dying in my present body!

The way we “live” today cannot be considered a “Human life”. We are simply, blindly, instinctively drifting in between involuntary birth and death, chasing, accumulating random desires based on hormonal reactions. We are locked into this “zombie” life by our inherently self-obsessed, egoistic, subjective nature.

If we want to be born and start living a truly Human life, first we would need to place a small, still dormant “Human seed” inside ourselves – one that usually awakens with the question of “What is the meaning of my life?” – into the right “womb/incubator”.

In there – while our inherently egoistic nature is methodically neutralized – that small Human seed, dormant DNA segment can join with the seed, segment of others, and start forming a collective Human observer that can sense reality selflessly, transparently, objectively.

Thus we can become an embryo in the above mentioned unique incubator right now, we do not need to wait for physical death in order to start again! Moreover if we build that unique Human observer that is above the illusory, subjective boundaries of time, space and physical motion, that observer will sense reality in an infinite, eternal manner!

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