Best OpSec Practice: Building A World Where It Becomes Unnecessary!

Question: What are the best OpSec practices to live by?

Answer: Until I saw the question I had no idea what OpSec was, and probably even after reading about it I still do not have a clue.

What I gather is that it is an another defensive measure in a world that is built on our inherently selfish, egoistic, greedy and hateful nature, where our life is about ruthless, exclusive competition, succeeding at the expense of others.

The only, actually working “OpSec measure” would be changing our paradigm whatsoever, creating a global Human network that is based on the mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation of all, in order to facilitate the well-being and survival of the whole system. Then all the data, information circulated will become solely positive, constructive instead of being purposefully destructive, harmful.

Although this state might sound like an utopia, it has nothing to do with morality, NewAge slogans or misguided liberalism.

Our hateful nature, tendency to cause harm will never disappear. But through the right, purposeful and practical education we can create a global understanding that since we are all sitting on the same – presently fast sinking – boat, we have no other choice but to build the above mentioned unity, mutual cooperation. Then we can learn how to balance our instinctive nature with positive intentions, aspirations.

Only when it is built and a certain level of baseline mutual trust is achieved will we start to see that this new, mutually cooperating Human network is actually raising us to a qualitatively much higher, truly Human existence. Then the appearing positive experience, attraction will make it easier to balance our resisting egos, recurring mutual rejection.

Of course I am not saying that we should drop all our protection, shields right now – although as some answers suggested their efficiency is already questionable – until we can’t trust each other – “…as the Talmud says, whoever comes to kill you you stand up and kill him first…” – we have to keep defending ourselves.

But we have to start working for the ideal state that leads to safeguarded, collective Human survival right here right now before the common boat sinks too deep! Then when at least a critical mass of people have joined that positive network, the defensive shields can be loosened, dropped…

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