Constant Comparisons

Question: Do you have the habit of comparison?

Answer: Yes, and it is a very important habit. Without comparison, without using contrasts, comparative research we can’t attain, perceive, understand anything!

Our whole perception of reality is based on comparisons. How would be able to perceive sweet without also tasting bitter, feel warmth against cold, love against hate?

And when we compare ourselves to others and feel envy, jealousy, desire for respect, wanting more than others – provided we can channel these instinctive emotional states positively – as a result we grow, develop, make efforts and progress.

There is nothing bad, surplus, obsolete in us, as we evolved from and still exist in Nature’s perfect system. We just need to learn how to use all our qualities, qualities, instinctive reactions, so they help us developing towards our evolutionary Human goal, purpose.

And a closed, purposefully built and conducted, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment is crucial in this “positive channeling”.

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