Fulfilling Expectations By Knowing What To Expect

Question: Why are expectations bad?

Answer: Expectations are not bad at all. Without expectations, without projecting some expected future pleasure, reward ahead of ourselves we would not be able to move, progress. Or we would only progress by blows, difficulties, intolerable suffering pushing us from behind.

In order to not to become disappointed, disillusioned by unfulfilled expectations we would need to know what to expect, what potential future states we need to project ahead if us, that would pull us forward.

And for that we need to study Nature’s predetermined, relentless evolutionary plan and its assigned role, purpose for us. Then we can adjust our plans, goals, expectations, making them to match what evolution’s plan has in store for us.

And then all our expectations fill be fulfilled and we can progress happily, relentlessly, partnering Nature’s plan, flowing with it hand in hand…

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