The Cosmic Education We Call “Life”

Question: What is this thing we call life why does it give us ups and downs?

Answer: This thing we call life is a unique,”cosmic” educational process we have to go through, in order to learn and then fulfill our special individual and collective Human purpose in nature’s perfect system.

We go through helpless ups and downs, we behave like hapless driftwood in evolution’s relentless, swift waves as long as we have no idea about nature’s all-encompassing evolutionary plan which determines all the cause and effect processes, and our role in the system.

Our unique Human free choice is not about the events, states we go through – since those are predetermined – but how we go through them.

We can continue to drift helplessly, aimlessly until the increasing blows, ever deeper crisis situations and intolerable suffering awaken us to search and find answers, recognize our role.

We can also choose to proactively, consciously study and understand the system. Then by gradually attaining, accepting the plan we can in advance prepare ourselves to the forthcoming stages, levels and thus go through them like an exciting adventure until we fully learn, attain the system and feel as if ourselves designed, governed it!

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