Love Your Neighbor…

Question: What saying have you been butchering for years and just realized it?

Answer: I have been butchering, Humanity has been butchering the saying “Love your neighbor as yourself” for a very long time.

But it turns out that this principle is not some mystical, religious dogma, it is not a New Age slogan, or just some nice saying to make us feel good.

It is a poetic, symbolic description of Nature’s most fundamental law of mutual integration, the very law life, existence is based on, as only through such mutual integration can balance, homeostasis be maintained.

And without balance, homeostasis there is no life, neither optimal development in closed, integrated natural systems.

And since Humanity is also a closed, fully integrated natural system, embedded into Nature’s vast, cosmic, fully integrated and closed system, we are obliged to build our Human societies based on the law of “Love your neighbor as yourself” – provided we want to solve our mounting, global problems and we want to safeguard our collective survival.

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