The Crowns Of Creation

Question: What do you think shoud be humanity ‘s main goal?

Answer: The ultimate, main goal for Humanity is determined by Nature’s intelligent evolutionary plan. We are expected to become “truly, consciously Human” from that potential , blindly instinctive“humanoid” form we are born as.

The notion “Human” – based on its Hebrew translation, Adam (which originates from the expression “similar”) – means a “creature” that has reached similarity with its life-giving source: Nature’s perfect, fully integrated system.

As Nature is based on and works by the unique, “godly” qualities of selfless, altruistic love (where “love” means a perfect, unconditional and immediate fulfillment of the desire of the others) and service, we also have to acquire such “godly” qualities above and despite our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy egotistic nature.

Us being born with such seemingly negative “hellish” qualities is also purposeful and is part of the evolutionary plan. Being opposite to, being outside of Nature’s system gives us the unique, unparalleled ability to become independent observers, judges of Nature’s system and its evolutionary plan.

When we gradually acquire the above mentioned “godly” qualities above our original ones – through a special, purposeful, methodical integration with each other – we develop a very special duality: an inherent egotistic, opposite nature on one hand; and the newly acquired, “godly” similarity on the other hand.

As a result we fulfill our “Human” destiny, purpose of becoming “Crowns of Creation”. Through the acquired similarity we can fully attain and justify Nature’s perfection, and the just, benevolent plan that drives this system, while the contrast, “dark background” our inherently egotistic, hateful nature gives us, provides the necessary contrast, comparative research which verifies our findings, validates, justifies that perfection.

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