Being Unaware Of Our Pathetic State

Question: Are adults trying to ignore how pathetic and miserable their lives are, or are they actually blissfully unaware? Would you agree that society is depressing?

Answer: Most people are sincerely unaware of our true state. And this is normal, as our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature has a unique self-protective mechanism, that does not let us see our true – actually very dangerous, frightening – global state.

Our nature hates nothing more than change, we loath leaving our comfort zone. And those who control general media, entertainment are also interested in blocking people from asking the right questions about the state of Human society, about meaning of life and such “disturbing”, “unruly” questions.

Thus they provide us with abundant “circus and bread entertainment” through hundreds of channels in movies, on TV’s, on computers and on our mobile phones, we receive enough goods and pleasures we can chase, consume, produce and consume again.

“Unfortunately” – actually very fortunately – our Human nature cannot be suppressed, mislead for long, we cannot be zombified as the question about “meaning, purpose” breaks out in an elemental force, piercing through the fake, politically correct facade, global brainwashing.

This is why it is very important to start a purposeful, practical, suitable educational method, positive campaign to embrace those who already can’t ignore those questions and simply have to receive answers, so instead of blindly revolting, wanting to wantonly destroy the present, dying, rotting system they receive the opportunity to channel their energies towards the right, constructive direction.

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