To Make A Mistake, Commit A Crime, We Have To Have Free Choice First!

Question: They say there are no mistakes in life; does that mean our life is already predestined?

Answer: A “mistake” means that we have multiple options to choose from and we accidentally choose the wrong options. If everything is predetermined and we have absolutely no choice in life, we can’t make mistakes or commit crimes (purposefully choosing the wring option).

Up to this point we have acted without any free choice individually and collectively, as we all blindly followed our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy egos. Thus although we have been causing increasing harm to ourselves, others and the Natural environment, we can’t be blamed since we simply followed the uploaded “operating software” we were created with by nature’s evolution.

Free choice, thus the opportunity for mistakes, crimes and subsequent “reward and punishment” starts with our generation. Only in our times are we ready to reveal that our inherent ego is truly harmful, it leads to self-destruction like cancer. And at the same time in our times we received a unique, purposeful and practical educational method which can help us “upgrade” our operating software, so we could act, connect, solve problems and survive above and against our instinctive egotistic and subjective inclinations.

Only from now on can we learn about our predetermined goal in life and adjust our “fate”, progress, development towards that predetermined goal. We do not have free choice regarding the goal, but we very much have free choice about how we reach it: through recurring crisis situations, sufferings or through purposeful, conscious development, thus avoiding suffering.

Thus the era of mistakes and crimes starts from now on!

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