Love Above All

Question: What comes first, health, wealth or love?

Answer: Love – meaning “true love”.

“True love” is very different from the “love” we define in our usual life. The usual “love” is also called “fish-love” – meaning “I love fish because it tastes good”. Thus the instinctive love we feel, we sing, write, dream about is fully egotistic, self-serving. If we do not benefit from this “fish-love”, the sensation, states immediately evaporates.

“True love” is a completely selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving attitude towards another, when we exist only in order to sense and fulfill the needs, desires of another without any of the usual, instinctive egoistic calculations, distortions.

Only “true love” leads to health. We evolved into (in fact we always existed in it, just we were not aware) a fully integrated, fully interdependent world. In such a closed, integral natural system the health of the individual is directly related to, dependent on the health of the whole system.

Thus without “true love”, when we behave according to our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature, we all behave like cancer, consuming each other and the whole system, that leads to mutually assured self-destruction – as we can clearly observe in the world today.

But when we learn how to connect to each other, become “wealthy” in positive, mutually responsible, mutually complementing Human interactions (while we use money only to fulfill our basic, natural, modern necessities), we restore the health of the whole system, and together rise to a qualitatively much higher, richer, healthier collective Human existence.

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