The Life Giving Ability Of Human Connection

Question: What changes have you made to improve your life that you would suggest to others?

Answer: According to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying and subjective nature we tend to try succeeding in life on our own. We are also brought up, educated to be individual heroes, pioneers.

Our view on history is focusing on the incredible individual stories, how personal villains or great leaders shaped Humanity while even in the present we think that single, great (or evil) personalities can make dramatic, all important changes.

But in truth in the globally integrated and fully interdependent world – we have always existed in but have become more conscious, aware of recently – we are but individual cells of a intricately interconnected, singular Human “super-organism” which is embedded into Nature’s vast, cosmic, integral system.

Thus true success, progress, well-being is possible only through building positive, mutually supportive and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation with each other. This is what I have started to work on – together with many others – in uniquely organized, conducted small circles, and this is what I would warmly recommend to everybody else.

This effort, work is not simple, since building such selfless, mutual connections, cooperation, teamwork is completely against our instinctively individualistic, egotistic nature. This is why we need the above mentioned special environment and the appropriate, purposeful and practical educational method which was specifically designed for this task.

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