Living Forever Through Others

Question: Would you rather have yourself or your loved ones live forever?

Answer: The answer depends on our actual perception of reality.

As long as we still instinctively live within our own, inherently egocentric, self-justifying, subjective cocoons, we calculate everything according to our own survival, personal benefit.

So by default, honestly we would all choose ourselves to live forever.

But this choice condemns us to this mostly suffering filled, aimless, limited instinctive “animate” existence, trying to survive day to day by fulfilling our own selfish needs, desires.

If we – through a unique, purposeful, practical educational method – understood that we can gain a true, tangible life that feels eternal, infinite, liberated from the subjective restrictions of time, space and motion by selflessly, altruistically experiencing, perceiving life through the desires and viewpoint of others, then we will see that it is worthwhile unconditionally serving, supporting others to life forever, since our only chance to gain infinity, eternity is through them!

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