An Idea For “Black Mirror”…

Question: What are your ideas that you think would make a great Black Mirror episode?

Answer: I think the most shocking, disturbing “reflection” that unique series could give us, is providing an insight into the technology, that allows us see ourselves from the viewpoint of others, as our actions, thoughts, intentions were experienced from within the sensations, feelings of others.

Only then could we observe how egoistic, harmful, aggressive and abusive we all are. Only in such unique “mirror” could we recognize how our inherently selfish, egotistic, hateful and greedy nature operates that can make calculations only for itself.

Only such a brutally honest, humiliating look at ourselves could convince us that we need to change, upgrade our inherent nature in order to become able to truly, selflessly, unconditionally love and serve others.

Without such a “black mirror” – black from our present egotistic point of view – we will continue living in this pretense, illusory reality believing in ourselves, that “there is some good in all of us”, falsely believing that we are capable of helping, supporting others by default.

Only by knowing who we really are, what forces, desires, intentions drive us can we start a conscious, proactive process of “healing”, leading to a better, sustainable, perfect Human society.

Fortunately even without the TV series we have such a unique, brutally honest mirror for use: a special, purposeful Human environment, group, designed for this specific purpose, providing both the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

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