Changing Perception To Attain Reality

Question: How do I train myself to see reality for what it is and not how I wish it to be?

Answer: This is a very good and important question as this is actually the Human purpose of our life: to attain and justify Natural reality “as it is”, as utterly perfect.

By default we are incapable of doing so as through our inherently egocentric, self-justifying and subjective consciousness and perception we see only a minuscule and vastly distorted layer of reality, only the part our ego uses for its instinctive, blind, day to day survival in a seemingly dark,hostile environment.

This in order to gain a clear, objective, transparent perception we need to escape our inherently egocentric, introverted cocoons. That is possible only by escaping “through others”, learning how to perceive, sense existence through the desires, needs, viewpoints of other people in a purposefully built and conducted mutual Human environment, “laboratory”.

Then we will see that outside of the sphere of the ego Natural reality is truly perfect, governed, nurtured by a single, intelligent, predetermined plan of evolution that takes us towards a final, most optimal state.

Then we will understand that even our original subjective, egocentric perception was purposeful, since only in contrast to it, in true comparative research can we justify the system as truly perfect.

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