Destined To Achieve Infinite Happiness

Question: Why are we always looking for happiness rather than accepting our current situations?

Answer: We can’t help it as searching for “infinite happiness”is written into our DNA. This is why the limited and temporary happiness we gain from fulfilling our selfish, individual desires for food, sex, family, wealth, power and knowledge can satisfy the insatiable thirst we have inside us.

So our meaning of life is to learn how to reach “true”, “infinite” happiness which is not personal, individual, but it is a very unique, collective emotional impression that arises from purposefully built Human connections that are based on selfless, unconditional, mutual service of one another in a close , purposeful environment.

Then this “Happiness Network” by the acquired similarity becomes a special device – like a radio receiver- that can receive, decode Nature’s singular flow of unconditional love and service. And this is what our perception, consciousness will sense as absolute, infinite bliss, happiness which will finally fulfill our insatiable yearning.

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