Perfect, Heart To Heart Communication

Question: Do you think that it could be possible for everyone to know what a person thinks without the use of any tangible devices?

Answer: Yes, this in fact our next state of communication, relationship with one another, when we learn how to connect to each other on the level of thoughts. We need our usual sensory senses and all the gadgets we are using only as long as we perceive reality through our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective operating software.

When we learn how to sense existence and perceive reality outside of the sphere of the self, 100% focusing only on the desires, well-being and viewpoints of others, we will enter a completely different, non-physical sense and perception of reality, that is at the level of thoughts, desires, intentions.

That dimension gives us a sense of infinite, eternal, “quantum” existence and perception, liberated from the subjective boundaries of physical time, space and motion.

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