What are some harsh but true facts that will come to light as a result of the COVID-19?

I would like to copy here another answer given to the same question: “That we are all connected, biologically and economically, and the risk to the weakest is everyone’s hazard. We need to ensure adequate health care and physical well-being for everyone in a society.” I also think that this is the harshest and truest … More What are some harsh but true facts that will come to light as a result of the COVID-19?

Collective Logic, Collective Intelligence

Question: Can humanity function as a completely logical species or does our innate need for self-satisfaction prevent us? Answer: This is a crucial question which will determine the future of Humanity. At the moment we are not a “logical, intelligent” species, as we all act individually, selfishly, instinctively through an egocentric “pleasure/pain” software. Moreover most … More Collective Logic, Collective Intelligence

Creating Life Within Our Interconnections

Question: What makes things come to life? Answer: The tension, interconnection, circulation and communication in between very diverse, seemingly incompatible parts, elements of a closed Natural system. Thus is how life unfolds within our bodies giving us a sense of existence, consciousness. The same way we could elicit a qualitatively much higher sense of life, … More Creating Life Within Our Interconnections

Global Communication Skills

Question: How do good communication skills bring massive success? Answer: In a fully integrated, interdependent world that ability to “network”, communicate, build mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections with others is the most important. Such network, communication system is the foundation of life, prosperity, success and survival.