Absolute Mutual Responsibility In Order To Achieve Critical Thinking

Question: Does lack of responsibility rob people of critical thinking?

Answer: This is a very deep question which is not easy to answer. First of all we would need to clarify two issues.

1.In regards to responsibility only in our “global” generation did we scratch the surface what actual “responsibility” means. Previously we thought that we were responsible for our own actions and for the well-being, perhaps actions of our family, close circle. And even this “limited” responsibility crushed, crushes most people and we can’t keep it, we run away from it.

But now that we started to learn what it means to exist in a globally integrated and interdependent world we started to realize that we are personally responsible for one another and for the whole, cosmic, Natural system whether we want it or not. In an age when “the butterfly effect” operates with full force, when even with our thoughts, intentions we directly influence the whole system – and due to our inherently egotistic, subjective nature this influence is 100% negative – we have become irrevocably responsible for anything that happens in reality.

We are responsible for any crime committed on the other side of the planet, we are responsible for all natural disasters, negative environmental changes as a result of contributing to the imbalance Humanity is causing through the Human ego.

2.And then we arrive to “critical thinking”. Due to the same egotistic, subjective ego that makes calculations only for its own sake,. profit, success – at the expense of everybody, everything else – our inherent thinking, decision making is 100% destructive.

Thus if we want to train ourselves to tolerate our crushing “global, absolute responsibility” and want to learn how to think “critically”, for the sake of the whole system above and against our instinctively self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative calculations, we have to connect to each other, form special, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environments in order to study – through the right, purposeful educational method – what life in a fully integrated and interdependent Natural system means.

Only then will we be able to solve our mounting, global problems – caused by our inherent, egotistic attitude, behavior – and only this way can we safeguard our collective, Human survival.

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