Emotional Beings

Question: Emotions or logic first? Answer: We can philosophize about which one we “want to choose”, but in truth we do not have a choice: we are sentient, emotional creatures. Our basic matter is a desire for selfish pleasures, our operating software works on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”. Our consciousness, perception of reality is based … More Emotional Beings

Where Is God?!

Question: Is God in our hearts? Answer: We can say that “God is revealed in the heart”, with the “small print” that God isn’t revealed in individual hearts, only in a perfectly interconnected, collective heart. We need to reveal God – more precisely the “godly qualities” of selfless, unconditional love and service towards others – … More Where Is God?!

The Thinking Heart

Question: As all types of thinking is done by our brain, can you scientifically explain what ‘thinking with your heart’ means? Answer: As the scientific method of Kabbalah explains we are actually not “thinking” with our brains at all. We are primarily sentient creatures as our primary matter is the desire to receive pleasures for … More The Thinking Heart