Reforming The Misanthrope

Question: Can someone who is misanthropic desire to see growth in others, or desire a path in life that helps people?

Answer: Very important question!

First of all by nature we are all “misanthropic”, as we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-loving, self-justifying, egotistic and hateful nature. Some people recognized this already, some people still live in an illusion that we are capable of truly loving, helping others.

Usually it takes some dramatic, extreme circumstances, or a purposeful environment and method to recognize who we really are, what desires, intentions truly drive us.

So how can we then get, build a desire to see growth in others?

By choosing a “path” in life that focuses on helping others. Even if our intentions, true feelings are still only for our own sake, in this world we are able to “pretend”, and mechanically perform actions for “seemingly” helping, supporting, elevating others.

If we start investing into the development, growth of others in a unique, mutually supporting, mutually complementing environment, where each and every person committed to the same goal – to reach a true desire for the growth, better state of others, to reach a true “love of others” above the instinctive self-love – then the general atmosphere generated through the mutual “pretense” actions can evoke, grow a true, new, unprecedented desire to see the growth, success of the others, even above our own!

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