Coming To An Objective Perception Of Reality

Question: Can we know objective reality?

Answer: Only contrasts, comparative research can give us true attainment, recognition.

Thus we need to reveal, recognize objective reality against, in contrast to subjective reality!

This is of course not as simple as it sounds, since we are all born with an inherently self-centered, self-justifying, introverted and egoistic nature, which operates a 100% subjective perception. Thus from within our normal reason, logic, consciousness and perception we can’t ever observe, recognize an objective reality, we do not even know if such a thing exists.

So in unique circumstances – which we could call a “Human particle accelerator” – we need to generate a selfless, transparent, altruistic and thus objective viewpoint, observer point above and against the inherently selfish, subjective one.

Through special exercises, activities we need to try existing, perceiving reality through the desires, needs, viewpoint of others until we reach a point where we dissolve into those others sensing reality only through them.

But the inherently selfish standpoint does not disappear, but remains to provide the necessary “ballast”, contrast, “dark background” against which we can validate the new, selfless, altruistic and thus objective point of view we achieved through “love of others”.

This true, practical, scientific method is available for all of us, and in fact Natural evolution expects us to achieve this unique “dual perception” as our next evolutionary degree, as only through it can we fulfill our Human purpose of becoming Nature’s independent, objective observers, justifying its utter perfection – against and above the limited, dark, broken and hostile reality we are perceiving today.

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