Proverbs To Live By

Question: What are some proverbs you live by, and can you describe in what ways they have improved your life? Answer: Since as a result of methodical study, practice in a unique environment I have revealed that my “main engine”, driving force is an inherently egocentric, selfish, subjective desire for pleasures, I am trying to … More Proverbs To Live By

Solving THE Problem

Question: What is your solution to the world’s problems? Pick the problem of your choice. Answer: I will sound very simplistic There is only one problem, root cause, thus there is only one solution that’s needed. All the myriads of diverse problems we face individually and collectively ask come due to our utter inability to … More Solving THE Problem

Learning The Truth About Ourselves

Question: What’s something you learned today that most people don’t know? Answer: Fortunately more and more people learn day by day that the only root cause for all the myriads of problems in the world, the only thing that needs correction is our own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature. This nature drives us … More Learning The Truth About Ourselves

Gossip Is Like Cancer, Good, Metastatizes, Destroys

Question: Why do many people think talking behind someone’s back is worse than saying bad things to one’s face? Answer: We can probably use the following example: when people speak behind each other’s back is like an undetected cancer that spreads, destroys but in the lack of proper diagnosis one can’t treat and cure it. … More Gossip Is Like Cancer, Good, Metastatizes, Destroys

There Will Be No Peace Until We Learn That We Are All Warriors

Question: Is the United States ‘a peace-loving nation’ as Trump and others claim? Answer: There is no truly “peace-loving” individual or nation in this world in our inherent form. We are all born instinctively self-serving, self-justifying, distrusting and hateful towards others, thriving on exploiting others, succeeding at their expense. This is how we are born, … More There Will Be No Peace Until We Learn That We Are All Warriors

Building Global Peace Over Global Hate

Question: To what extent can global peace ever be achieved? Answer: To the extent we learn – through a purposeful, practical, educational method in the right “laboratory” like environment – how to rise above our inherently egocentric, hateful, subjective nature, that drives us towards exclusive, ruthless competition, success at the expense of others. True peace … More Building Global Peace Over Global Hate