Gossip Is Like Cancer, Good, Metastatizes, Destroys

Question: Why do many people think talking behind someone’s back is worse than saying bad things to one’s face?

Answer: We can probably use the following example: when people speak behind each other’s back is like an undetected cancer that spreads, destroys but in the lack of proper diagnosis one can’t treat and cure it.

When people talk to each other in a straight, revealed manner, the problems, misunderstandings can be checked, discussed, resolved, thus the cancer can be treated and cured in a very early stage without metastatic spread.

Unfortunately our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic “snake” nature enjoys spreading unchecked rumors, we enjoy spreading cancer to others, not understanding that in a fully integrated and interdependent system whatever we cause to others will return to us as a boomerang with multiplied force.

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