The “Sanctity” Of Marriage

Question: What will happen if there is no system such as marriage in the world?

Answer: We are fast approaching this state. And we can see how our society is deteriorating since the fundamental corner stone of Human society is the classical family.

We can understand why in our age – when our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, proudly individualistic, narcissistic and subjective nature reached its maximum potential – marriage has become unbearable, scary, as we can’t even comprehend how two born egotists can pledge to stay and live together “for life”.

But it is exactly the pledge, “covenant” two egotists make that helps them to control, re-calibrate, refine their engine of life – the ego – so instead of its inherently self-destructive behavior it can propel the couple towards mutual, collective goals, purposes, making them able to create and nurture life in the most caring, safest environment.

Then the family becomes a compatible cell, organ in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system, which facilitates Nature’s single “life-giving” force to flow through them – they become living, mutually complementing parts of the system. And when society is built of such cells, organs then it is healthy, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable.

Since such an arrangement is completely opposite to our inherently selfish, hateful egos, we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method so we know how to build marriage, a family above, against our instinctive reactions, behavior.

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