There Will Be No Peace Until We Learn That We Are All Warriors

Question: Is the United States ‘a peace-loving nation’ as Trump and others claim?

Answer: There is no truly “peace-loving” individual or nation in this world in our inherent form. We are all born instinctively self-serving, self-justifying, distrusting and hateful towards others, thriving on exploiting others, succeeding at their expense.

This is how we are born, and since we did not have any free choice about our inherent nature we can’t even call this exclusively, ruthlessly competing, fighting tendency in us “evil” or “sinful”.

I know that there is still masses of people who honestly believe they want peace, brotherhood, global unity, but they haven’t gone through states, events yet that would bring out their true nature. This self-recognition is changing as we can clearly see how seemingly “peace loving”, “bleeding heart” liberals, activists are turning hateful, inciting, even wishing death to others when things do not go as they want.

We can’t deny our nature, the forces, desires, intentions that drive us as by deceiving ourselves and others we will continue sleepwalking towards a global disaster, mutually assured self-destruction.

True peace has to be built on top of, against the instinctive “baseless hate” that is hidden in all of us. Thus the sooner we come to terms with our original nature, the faster we can start correcting, upgrading it through the right, purposeful, practical educational method.

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