Living Healthy By Becoming Similar To Nature

Question: What prevents people from living healthy lives?

Answer: First of all we do not know what “healthy” is since we do not have a direct, objective view of ourselves and the Natural system we live in.

And our inherently self-serving, egotistic, subjective and greedy nature makes up its own theories, laws, standards according to which we live. This is why our “scientific” facts, observations constantly change as our egotistic interest, self-justification changes.

This is why we swing from extremes like trying to erase one thing from our diets, then adding it back again, chasing, recommending excessive exercise, fitness craze then realizing we are actually destroying our bodies and becoming addicted to the gym. We ban certain things while promote others that are even more harmful as they offer greater profit, selfish benefit.

In order to live a truly healthy life, in order to know what our actual healthy, natural, modern necessities are we would need to integrate into Nature’s system and start objectively “downloading” data, blueprints directly from its infinite database by becoming similar to Nature’s qualities.

And since Nature’s primary qualities are selfless, unconditional service of the whole in order to sustain life and optimal development – similarly to the cells, organs of our own healthy bodies – we need to learn how to become like Nature towards one another first: building selfless, altruistic, mutually supportive and mutually complementing cooperation making calculations only for the sake of the well-being, optimal development of the whole.

This is actually what living by “Love others as yourself” actually mean. It is not a religious dogma, mystical practice or New Age slogan, but it is the symbolic expression of Nature’s most fundamental law of maintaining balance, homeostasis applied to our Human society.

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