Learning How To Act Selflessly, Unconditionally For Others Sake

Question: What’s one thing you do to help parents but not to benefit them at all but yourself? What is your story?

Answer: I apologize for answering a more general, “negative” way, but the “shocking truth” is that we are utterly incapable of doing anything – even for our parents, children, lovers – if it is not for our own sake, for our own benefit.

Our inherent “operating system” is written on a completely egocentric “pleasure/pain calculation” and there is nothing we can do about it in our usual lives.

The usual “love” we usually dream, sing, write poems about is “fish-love” – “I love fish because it tastes good”. We ”love” someone, something when it gives us pleasure, if we do not have selfish benefit from “loving”, we can’t love.

And since we had no free choice about the nature we were born with we can’t even call this instinctive behavior, attitude “evil” or “sinful” since such notions apply only when one has free choice.

If we want to learn how to “truly love” without attached self-benefit, we need to go through a unique “software upgrade” with the help of a unique, purposeful and practical “Human education” that can teach us – in the right environment – how to unconditionally love, serve others above, despite our instinctive nature.

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