Learning How To Act Selflessly, Unconditionally For Others Sake

Question: What’s one thing you do to help parents but not to benefit them at all but yourself? What is your story? Answer: I apologize for answering a more general, “negative” way, but the “shocking truth” is that we are utterly incapable of doing anything – even for our parents, children, lovers – if it … More Learning How To Act Selflessly, Unconditionally For Others Sake

The Covenant Of Marriage As A Tool Against Egoism

Question: Is marriage necessary in life? Why or why not? Answer: Yes, it is necessary. We can define marriage as a committed, “life long” partnership of two otherwise egotistic, individualistic people. Without such a mutually committed relationship we can never learn how to make true compromises and rise above our self-serving, self-justifying instincts. Without such … More The Covenant Of Marriage As A Tool Against Egoism

Perfect Relationship – Where “I” Don’t Exist…

Question: What is one thing you regret in your relationship? Answer: I regret that my inherently egoistic, selfish and hateful nature still gets the better of me, and I believe my subjective perception that always shows a negative picture, negative judgement of others – even the loved ones – thus I keep hurting them, causing … More Perfect Relationship – Where “I” Don’t Exist…

My Mother’s Advice

Question: What was the best advice you received from your mom, which you may transfer for your kids? Answer: She always told me, “my son, the family is always first, but your family can’t survive on its own, thus you also have an equal responsibility towards correcting, helping the world, so your children can grow … More My Mother’s Advice

The Best Education

Question: What could I know or learn right now that will greatly benefit the rest of my life? Answer: In order to benefit for the rest of your life you world need to learn “integral education/upbringing. It teaches us the laws and principles of closed, fully integrated and interdependent Natural systems – which we exist … More The Best Education

Global Family

Question: Who do you consider to be family? Answer: Beyond the obvious “blood relations” I would consider anybody as part of a family, who live in mutually integrated, mutually interdependent relationship with one another. Which makes the whole of Humanity one family in the global, integral world we have evolved into. We just need to … More Global Family