The Covenant Of Marriage As A Tool Against Egoism

Question: Is marriage necessary in life? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary. We can define marriage as a committed, “life long” partnership of two otherwise egotistic, individualistic people.

Without such a mutually committed relationship we can never learn how to make true compromises and rise above our self-serving, self-justifying instincts. Without such efforts to rise above ourselves, to try observing reality through the desires, needs, viewpoints of the others we never receive the chance to see reality as it is, without the inherently selfish, subjective distortions.

Only the unique “laboratory” of marriage – or similar ’till death separates us’ commitment – provides the conditions to exit our egotistic, introverted bubbles, liberating ourselves from the clutches of the ego. Without such clear covenant which we have to keep, our ego has absolute control over us.

Without the commitment and associated shame when failing – which used to be associated with divorce, breaking the covenant – we immediately escape, run away at the first hurdle, difficulty as we can observe it today.

And as a result we never have the chance to see reality as it is, through others.

Since a successful, lifelong marriage is against our inherently selfish, egotistic nature, we need the proper education in order to understand its importance and how we can make it work.

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