Building Love In Marriage

Question: Did you realize shortly after getting married that you had made a huge mistake? What did you do?

Answer: Fortunately I didn’t. But I am not sure how would one immediately realize such a “mistake”?

After all “true love”, “sustainable love” is not immediate, it is not the “love at first sight/hormonal infatuation” poets and Hollywood are raving about.

“True love” is much deeper, much more real, and it has to be purposefully built by the stubborn, fully committed, constant, methodical self-annulment, compromises of the spouses.

It is of course helpful when they fall in love “at first sight”, but this flame is extinguished very soon. If there is no purposefully, committed work at building “true love”, then the marriage falls apart, or becomes a living nightmare soon after.

After all how could two born egoists, proud individuals live together for decades without the right preparation, especially in our age when the selfish Human ego reached its maximum potential?!

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