Proverbs To Live By

Question: What are some proverbs you live by, and can you describe in what ways they have improved your life?

Answer: Since as a result of methodical study, practice in a unique environment I have revealed that my “main engine”, driving force is an inherently egocentric, selfish, subjective desire for pleasures, I am trying to use the following 2 proverbs:

  1. “Do not do to others what you yourself hate”
  2. “Love others as yourself”

Of course the first one is “easier” – still almost impossible as that already means rising above our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature that uses others, justifies exploiting others, succeeding at the expense of others. The second is already completely “supernatural” – above,completely against our innate nature.

This is why in the same environment where we look into a “brutally honest mirror” revealing the forces, desires, intentions in us,we can also acquire a second, selfless,altruistic “upgrade”that will allow us to act above ourselves for the sake of others.

Why would we want to go through all this? because only when at least a critical minority of people learn how to interconnect in such a “supernatural” way can solve our mounting, global problems and find a way for collective, Human survival in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system.

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