Proverbs To Live By

Question: What are some proverbs you live by, and can you describe in what ways they have improved your life? Answer: Since as a result of methodical study, practice in a unique environment I have revealed that my “main engine”, driving force is an inherently egocentric, selfish, subjective desire for pleasures, I am trying to … More Proverbs To Live By

The Thinking Heart

Question: As all types of thinking is done by our brain, can you scientifically explain what ‘thinking with your heart’ means? Answer: As the scientific method of Kabbalah explains we are actually not “thinking” with our brains at all. We are primarily sentient creatures as our primary matter is the desire to receive pleasures for … More The Thinking Heart

Lazy Calculations

Question: What is the laziest thing you have ever done and not regretted? Answer: I do not remember a specific, precise example right now, but laziness usually stops us taking part in something, going for something new, acting instead of staying put. As wise empirical scientists who became fully versed in the intricacies of Human … More Lazy Calculations

Happiness Makes Time Disappear

Question: Why does life whisk by when you’re happy and drag by when you’re unhappy? Answer: “Time” is a subjective notion, measuring our egocentric “distance” from the next expected pleasure, or measuring how far we can get from pain, suffering. “True happiness” is a collective, positive emotional state when we dissolve, disappear into a perfect, … More Happiness Makes Time Disappear

Precise Calculations

Question: If you had the chance to save 1,000 people’s lives knowing that you would die in the process, and no one would know it was you who saved them, would you do it? Answer: My answer to this question might sound “cold”, calculating, but it is based on the precise knowledge of our underlying … More Precise Calculations