An I Right, Or Am I Wrong?

Question: I know that my decision is 100% right. But suddenly few things happened very unexpectedly to deter me from my decision. Should I take this as warning signal given by almighty or go ahead with firmness and belief?

Answer: I am sorry to disagree, but “my” decision – or “your decision” from your point of view – is 100% egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying and subjective. Which means that it by default cannot be right.

Since we view reality through our own egoistic filters we receive a distorted picture that serves our own, self-calculating day to day survival. It has almost nothing to do with the “true world” outside of us.

In order to see and research, understand the “real world”, first we would need to learn how to exit our egocentric, subjective bubble.

Perhaps the doubts, things happening around you that force you to change your decision are signs from the “Almighty” – or the vast, intelligent Natural Universe surrounding us – are signals, warning that you need to reassess not your decision, but the way you perceive reality.

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