Added Value

Question: How can I add value to other people’s lives?

Answer: What does it mean to “add value to the life of others”? When does a life become more valuable?

This can only be measured if we establish some overall, all-encompassing final purpose, Human goal to our life and then start measuring life according to such a goal. Moreover this would make sense only if we all had the same purpose, goal, otherwise we would not be able to help each other to make our lives more valuable, since we would all have different goals we aspire towards.

Fortunately we have such an overall, all-encompassing, absolute Human goal, purpose in life. It is determined by Nature’s predetermined, intelligent evolutionary plan.

This purpose is researching, finding and fulfilling our unique, very high, Human cogwheel role in the system of reality.

We add value to each other’s lives if we pull, guide each other towards this “Human cogwheel role” within the right, purposeful, mutually complementing and mutually supportive environment where we can learn how to become such “cogwheels”.

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