Happiness Makes Time Disappear

Question: Why does life whisk by when you’re happy and drag by when you’re unhappy?

Answer: “Time” is a subjective notion, measuring our egocentric “distance” from the next expected pleasure, or measuring how far we can get from pain, suffering.

“True happiness” is a collective, positive emotional state when we dissolve, disappear into a perfect, common fulfillment, pleasure. In that state time, space, motion disappears as the one doesn’t have to make any calculations regarding pain or pleasure in that moment.

When we don’t have happiness, fulfillment, when we suffer, we are in pain, the subjective coordinates of time, space, motion light up very sharply, as we are trying to escape the suffering towards a more comfortable, pleasurable state. And as long as we didn’t reach that better state, time seems to “drag on”.

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