The Rise And Fall Of Money

Question: Can you explain money to a newbie?

Answer: Initially money was a simple tool facilitating trade, product exchange, so people didn’t have to directly exchange one product for another.

Then as Human ego, greediness grew – as Human history is basically the external representation of the constantly growing, intensifying Human ego – money itself become the “object of desire” symbolising our egoistic superiority, power above others.

By today we measure everything – including the worth of a Human being – by the zeros on bank account, stock exchange performance, yearly growth, etc. We can say that the “tail wags the dog” since the previously simple trading tool has become the king.

But since this is totally unnatural, artificial, today we are now sliding into a global crisis at the end of which money, monetary worth will be completely devalued as we will return to a much more natural way of life.

This new way of life will be built on positive, mutually responsible, mutually complementing Human connections again, which connections cannot be bought, but they have to be purposefully, methodically rebuilt above, against the ego.

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