A Dream Team To Solve Problems

Question: Your answer to You have been tasked with putting together a dream team of 7 individuals to help solve humanity’s biggest problems. Who would you pick? What could they accomplish together?

Answer: You wouldn’t know them and their actual personalities, names, personalities don’t matter at all.

We need 7–10 individuals who are capable of utter self annulment towards one another, so in the format of a purposefully organized workshop/round table discussion they could build a mutual, collective decision, solution, that is above all of their original individual, subjective opinions, desires, goals.

Through their purposeful, committed mutual self-annulment in the “overlapping are” of their efforts they build a unique “worm-hole” where they acquire a direct connection to Nature’s perfect, infinite database – on the merit of their similarity with it.

Then they can access, “download” any information from their easily solving any problem they are tasked with to solve.

This of course cannot be any collection of people. They have to be “veteran” specialists in mutual self-annulment with the help of a special, purposeful, practical educational method.

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