Battling Depression

Question: How is it possible for friends to help someone battling a mental illness such as extreme depression or anxiety?

Answer: First of all it is important to identify if the friend in question is suffering from clinical depression that needs proper, medical help, or the friend belongs to the growing masses of people in our generation that feel empty, depressed, suicidal and anxious due to having no real, Human goal, purpose in their life.

These growing masses can’t find happiness, fulfillment, reason to live in the usual physical, corporeal desires of food, sex, family, wealth, power and knowledge. Unconsciously they are already seeking for a higher, overall meaning in life but they don’t sense it consciously and even if they sense this they do not find the right answers.

The solution for this much larger group of people is purposeful, mutual support and finding the right, purposeful, practical educational method which can give us the tools for finding this meaning, revealing and fulfilling our truly Human role, purpose in life.

Without this meaning, purpose we can’t justify our existence as “Human” and this consumes, kills us from within.

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