A World Of Introverts

Question: What would the world be like if everyone was an introvert? Answer: It is the world we live in today, a collection of 8 billion introverts. We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature. We all see the world in our own personal way. Even when we connect, communicate … More A World Of Introverts

Poor But Happy

Question: How some people are poor still, happiest people in the world? Answer: That’s because happiness has no connection to money, material wealth. Of course we need money to cover our basic, natural Human necessities and provide a comfortable, healthy life for our families. But beyond those necessities happiness depends on being satisfied with what … More Poor But Happy

Avoiding Midlife Crisis

Question: Have you ever experienced a midlife crisis? Did you ever get out of it? Answer: I am 53 this year and I have experienced “midlife crisis” but fortunately only in a “shadowy” way, as if watching someone else going through it, sensing, feeling, observing the despair, helplessness, exploding new desires, panic to grab everything … More Avoiding Midlife Crisis

Battling Depression

Question: How is it possible for friends to help someone battling a mental illness such as extreme depression or anxiety? Answer: First of all it is important to identify if the friend in question is suffering from clinical depression that needs proper, medical help, or the friend belongs to the growing masses of people in … More Battling Depression

Loneliness Epidemic

Question: Why is there an epidemic of loneliness in our current society? Answer: Because we have reached the self-destructive peak of our egotistic Human development. Our inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective, distrusting and hateful nature has closed us into our own introverted fortresses. Young people avoid marriage, they don’t want their own children, entire nations are … More Loneliness Epidemic

Awakening Emotions

Question: Why I feel emotionless all the time I don’t feel mad, sad, nor happy how do I stop feeling this way (I’m not on any antidepressants nor do I have PTSD)? Answer: We are emotional creatures. But our emotions do not “originate” within ourselves. They are the result of our connection to other people, … More Awakening Emotions

Last Person Alive

Question: Would you want to be alive if you were the last person on Earth? What’s your reasoning? Answer: It is an interesting question. I have seen a Scandinavian film few months ago – playing in Iceland I think – where a young American couple, traveling there as tourists – wake up one morning finding … More Last Person Alive