Awakening Emotions

Question: Why I feel emotionless all the time I don’t feel mad, sad, nor happy how do I stop feeling this way (I’m not on any antidepressants nor do I have PTSD)?

Answer: We are emotional creatures. But our emotions do not “originate” within ourselves. They are the result of our connection to other people, towards other parts of the natural system we exist in. But the strongest emotions develop in between people.

So in order to awaken emotions in yourself you need the right, Human environment where through the mutual activities, through the “rubbing of the hearts” mutual – positive or negative – emotions start to form, creating the sense of life in you.

There is no other way but to ignite feelings, impressions in the right, suitable environment. For that we have to gradually build mutual respect, absolute mutual trust so we can open up, let down our shields and allow ourselves to feel all the vibrations, positive or negative emotional impressions coming from others, as we need both to feel alive.

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