Fearing For Others

Question: Do humans like fear? Answer: Fear is an instinctive reaction to danger of losing something (our life, health, material possessions, loved ones, losing out on something…). We should love fear as it is the strongest motivating factor. Other animals also fear, it is part of the general survival reflex. But we Humans have the … More Fearing For Others

Greatest Fear

Question: Is there a single greatest fear that has determined the course of your life? Answer: I think at the end of the day – since the individual existence of our self is our greatest treasure – our fear of death dominates us, whether we admit it, sense it consciously, or not. This fear of … More Greatest Fear

Fear And Love

Question: The emotion at the center of my codependency is fear (of abandonment) How do you overcome this fear? Answer: Try to find the other side of the coin, which is love. In any relationship – co-dependency – we find two opposite sides: hate-love or fear-love. One cannot exist without the other as we can’t … More Fear And Love

Greatest Fear

Question: What are you afraid of most? Answer: It is a very good, important question. Fear is the most potent motivating force. In truth we are constantly “afraid”, fear something. And the origin, the purpose, intention of the fear changes, evolves as we ourselves develop. The most instinctive fear is fearing for our own health, … More Greatest Fear

Awakening Emotions

Question: Why I feel emotionless all the time I don’t feel mad, sad, nor happy how do I stop feeling this way (I’m not on any antidepressants nor do I have PTSD)? Answer: We are emotional creatures. But our emotions do not “originate” within ourselves. They are the result of our connection to other people, … More Awakening Emotions