Learning To Handle Fear Of Death

Question: How can you live a normal life knowing that you can die any time?

Answer: One can’t live a normal life with that thought if it’s constant. Thus our instinctive survival reflex keeps pushing this thought about death out of our consciousness again and again, by instinctively flowing with mundane life.

This is of course “cheating”, since death can indeed come at any time.

Our fear of death is supposed to awaken a question about “meaning of life”, “Human purpose in life” in us, so with the pressure of time on us we would start searching for such meaning, purpose.

Without finding answers to those questions, without actually fulfilling our Human purpose we can’t justify our life as “Human”.

There is an added bonus! If we actually reach and fulfill our Human purpose, it comes with an upgraded, selfless, altruistic consciousness, perception of reality. And this new consciousness, perception provides us with a sense of existence above the subjective limitations of time, space, physical movement.

In other words we don’t just cheat, but escape death!

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