The Only Truly Human Trait

Question: What traits have evolved in humans that aren’t present in other species?

Answer: There is only one trait in us that is missing in any other species: a 100% self-serving, egoistic intention.

Each and every element, particle, living creature in Nature is born with a “selfish nature”, with an instinctive desire, need for self-preservation. Without such an instinctive need, desire, self-care nothing could exist, this “survival instinct” keeps our “matter” existing.

But apart from Humans each element, particle, living creature also adheres to Nature’s “circle of life”, remaining within a very finely, sensitively governed “mutual guarantee” in between all comprising parts of the Natural system.

Without this instinctive, selfless, mutual integration – making the wellbeing of the collective more important than the wellbeing of the individual – balance, harmony, homeostasis wouldn’t be possible, life would cease to exist.

We can observe this closely in action in our own, healthy, biological bodies.

Contrary to this Humans are born with a selfish intention, knowingly, consciously using, exploiting the whole system for their own sake. Only Humans go against the sensitive balance, homeostasis in Nature, endangering the system and themselves. In us the calculation for the self always supercedes the calculation for the collective.

This is not “evil”, or a “sin”, we were born with this selfish, egoistic intention, we received such an individualistic operating program from Nature’s evolution. Without such a “renegade”, outsider behaviour, viewpoint we would have never had a chance for free choice, independent point of view.

But now we are standing at historic crossroads. Without changing our “cancer-like” Human paradigm we will continue to sink deeper into crisis until we won’t be able to climb out anymore, we won’t be able to survive.

Natural evolution “expects” us to go against our inherent intention, and start actively, consciously aspire for an opposite, selfless, altruistic intention which could help our integration with one another, help our records Nature’s cosmic mutual guarantee.

The moment we expressed a true need, desire for such a fundamental, “supernatural” -above, against inherent egoism – self-change, evolution would provide the upgrade since our desire would start matching evolution’s plan, goal. We would then align ourselves with Nature’s flow, using its stream, “wind” to propel us forward.

We just need the right education that can “open our mind”, put this whole process into a clear, scientific perspective, building everything in clear, natural laws.

The increasing problems, threatening, seemingly inevitable, immediate global meltdown on one hand; and the right, practical, positive education on the other hand will be enough to convince us to start the last, conscious phase of Human development.

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