Greatest Fear

Question: What are you afraid of most?

Answer: It is a very good, important question.

Fear is the most potent motivating force. In truth we are constantly “afraid”, fear something. And the origin, the purpose, intention of the fear changes, evolves as we ourselves develop.

The most instinctive fear is fearing for our own health, necessities, security, survival, or that of our loved ones.

A more developed fear is thinking beyond this actual, physical life, thinking about the question of “meaning of life”, possible existence beyond physical death, fearing that unknown darkness we imagine when our physical perception switches off.

The most developed, “truly Human” fear is beyond the previous two.

This fear appears in those people who already researched the question about meaning of life, who already understand that there is a possible consciousness, existence, perception of reality beyond our present, limited corporeal one. These people already started to touch, try to fulfill their evolutionary, Human “cogwheel role” in existence, and as a result a new, much deeper, stronger fear, true awe opened in them.

They fear that the relentless, stubborn, overwhelming pull of their egoistic desire – which cannot be suppressed or erased – for selfish pleasures would disconnect them from their crucial cogwheel role, and as a result the whole system would suffer, break down. This enormous individual and collective responsibility, fear almost crushes them.

In these people all three kinds of fear revolve, interchange from moment to moment as a result of the inner war in between the inherently selfish, egoistic desires, inclination, intentions and the newly acquired dedication, passion for their unique role.

Only by the help of their unique, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment – that aims all of them towards their role – can they keep returning to the most important fear, the last, Human one. Only together can they tolerate the pressure and accept, fulfill their responsibility for everything.

I am in such an environment.

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