Learning To Be Non-Violent

Question: Do you feelwe all have freedom to make our own life choices and to live without the threat of violence?

Answer: Violence is usually an instinctive, self-preserving reaction to real or presumed danger, threat. We act violently because we do not know who we are, where we are, what the purpose of our life is, what on earth we are supposed to with our lives.

Due to our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature that cannot trust, truly connect to others in a meaningful way, we constantly compete, fight for resources, survival, succeed at the expense of one another. Thus we all sense ourselves in a hostile world, full of constant threat, danger which instinctively draws the violent reactions, behavior we observe all around the world.

In order to avoid this instinctive violence we need to build societies that are built on mutual trust, “mutual guarantee”, where each can easily find their most optimal complementary role (to feel themselves important, needed), and where each receives everything they need for their necessities so they can perform their perfect “cogwheel role” in society.

This can only happen through the right, purposeful and practical “integral education/upbringing”. Our freedom is found in implementing and then using such an education, so we can lay the right foundations for the perfect, peaceful and sustainable Human society without violence.

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