Being Pulled Out Of The Slump

Question: How do you get out of a slump because you can’t stop looking back on things you wish you’d done differently in your past that would’ve surely changed the way you live today?

Answer: First of all we cannot get out of any slump on our own. As they say “one can’t lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair”. Thus we need a special, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment to pull us out when we are fallen.

Moreover we fall back into the past, keep regretting “past mistakes”, trying to “fix what we have done” when there is nothing meaningful pulling us forward. If we have a burning, achievable goal shining in the distance, we stop caring about what happened before, and instead we work with 100% effort in order to reach that goal.

Here again only the above mentioned environment can help, since our values, aspirations, goals all come from the environment we exist in.

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