Sleepwalking, Or Tasting Life?

Question: Is it better to sleepwalk through life to avoid constant pain and bitterness, or to deal with it turning out to be nothing like you’d hoped or dreamed?

Answer: Sleepwalking through life, hoping to avoid pain and bitterness makes us “zombies” who have no taste in life.

Although pain and bitterness is unpleasant when it comes, it is actually the pain and the bitterness that gives us tastes and helps us appreciate the good and sweet times. Even when we eat we use bitter, spicy herbs in order to bring out the good taste in the food. Similarly we can never appreciate love unless we also tasted hate, especially having both sensations, emotions towards the same person.

Moreover if we research and reveal that our life is not random, but that we actually go through a very unique, “cosmic” education program at the end of which we become “truly Human” – understanding all the cause and effect processes, the whole developmental plan of life – then we understand that each and every state, sensation was purposeful, guiding, assisting us towards our perfect, evolutionary Human purpose in existence.

And then our life turns out to be much more than we ever hoped for, dreamed about.

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