Marital Education

Question: If the saying, “happy wife, happy life” is true, why aren’t men nicer to women?

Answer: Because today (and for quite a while now) we – neither men or women -do not receive any “education”, proper upbringing about how to build a happy marriage, how to properly set up and maintain families.

And since our inherently egoistic, selfish nature is much more intense than in previous generation, it is natural, fully understandable that we cannot work out how to “eternally” interconnect two absolute egoists that can only love themselves.

This is why young people instinctively reject the idea of marriage, moreover we do not even want to have children since we do not want the “burden” to look after others apart from caring for ourselves.

Thus if we want to resuscitate the classical family model, if we want to appreciate marriage and built “true love” in between spouses, we need to introduce a special, purposeful education. We all need to learn how to connect to others, how to care for others, serve and love them unconditionally above and despite the inherent ego doing everything to prevent all this.

And this is not a moral, philosophical or romantic notion. Our Human survival depends of repairing the “institution of marriage” and the classical family that is the most important, fundamental cell of a healthy Human society.

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