Living In An Illusory Matrix

Question: What would it take to convince you that your entire life until now was an illusion?

Answer: Personally, in my case you are already “banging on an open door”:)

I am studying a unique, practical educational method that is first showing us the illusion, invalidity of our actual, inherent, subjective and egocentric perception of reality, and then gives us the tools to acquire a true, objective perception, viewpoint.

But how to convince others?

They say, when we convince someone against their will by that we make an enemy for life. Such a fundamental, mind-boggling revelation as showing someone that so far one has lived in a dream, can only be given to someone who already searches for a “way out” of the inherent illusion.

Only those who truly want to disconnect from the Matrix would be able to accept the method that is capable of disconnecting us. It cannot be forced on those who still want to stay within the Matrix.

Those who can’t suppress their yearning to find our true meaning in life, those who already sense that this “world” is an intolerable illusion, those will come and accept the method, the tools in order to find the “real world”.

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